Friday, May 29, 2009

Nap time fun...

So the other day, Neilsen had just got done playing out back with his monster trucks. He came in and asked me if he could wash his trucks off. I told him to go grab some shorts to get wet in and I would turn the water on out front so he could was his trucks. Well we got all the way to getting his flip flops back on when Aunt Anna pulled out some chips and he had to take a break to eat some. He decided that he needed more chips so he grabbed his chips and sat next to Anna to eat his chips. JoAnna and I started talking to each other for maybe five minutes and I could hear his chewing getting slower, well by the time I had turned my head to check on him, he had fallen asleep the his hand in the chip container! I just had to get a picture just because it was so stinking cute!

Natali's one pics

I just thought that I would post some pics I took of Natali this last week. I still can't believe she is one month! Boy does time fly!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Crazy Hair...

I thought this was worthy of posting. Traci just loves bath time, and one night when my dad was over helping me with the older kids getting them bathed and ready for bed, seeing that I can't do that for a while due to my c-section, he thought that he would have some fun with Traci in the tub. Just see for yourself! I think it really shows off how much hair Traci really has! :)

My Three Kiddos!

Well I figure it was about time that I finally got some pics up of all my kids together. So here are just some of my favorite shots.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Outside concert...

I just love my kids! The other day Neilsen just had to play outside with his monster trucks and well Traci had to follow, but she wouldn't give up her chips so they went outside with her. My sweet husband took the chance to go out side with them and took the free time to play his guitar. Next thing I know, my two kiddos are sitting on the step sharing the chips and listening to Daddy play his music! I just love those precious moments.