Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I am in TROUBLE!!

See this face! This is the face of an 11month, yes 11 month old little girl who is keeping me on all 10 toes, all day long!! Let me explain...you see my other 2 girls, never walked until their first birthday....Jami here, well she has been walking since about 9 1/2 months. NOW she is CLIMBING!!! Her newest venture is my kitchen table. Sunday she decided she wanted to sneak back into the kitchen, and climb up on to my table and eat her sister's dinners. I used this a photo op. for her lovely book I am working on.. I can't wait to add this page in there.

I tell my parents how crazy she is and they just laugh and shake their heads... my dad today when he was watching her, saw her in action. Talking her little play chair, moving it to my kitchen, CLIMBING up on to the back of the chair to try and get whatever she can on top of my counters. Yeah, I am soooooo in TROUBLE with this one. :)

Ready for Halloween!

This last weekend, Uncle Jon and Aunt Emi hosted a Halloween Party for the kids! The had a blast! From bobbing for apples, a cookie walk, cookie decorating, and a necklace making, they all enjoyed them selves.