Monday, February 28, 2011

Picture of the Day

"Hello, My name is Traci Lue and I have attitude!"
Earlier today, Traci decided she didn't need to wear her pants anymore. Then she found my sunglasses and put them on and from across the room looked at me and said, "Mom, you need to take a picure of me!"
Nothing like your 3 year old telling you how it should be.

Family time at the Dentist...

Today we got to start our week off by a family trip to the Dentist for our 6 month cleanings. I was a little worried how each kid would act. Neilsen has been a little hesitant the last few times and Traci just kind of followed in her brothers foot steps. This was also going to be Natali's first offical checkup.

Well Neilsen was the first to go in and he did AMAZING!! He thought it was so cool that his teeth were nice and shiny, oh and he got his own tooth brush and a super cool toy. Then came Traci, she suprised me and did AMAZING as well. She was so cute sitting in the chair letting them check out her teeth and clean them with her favorite bubble gum flavor paste. I haven't broken the news to her yet that she has to go back to the denist for a small cavity that needs to be filled, so not looking forward to that appointment. Some how too, Traci walked away with getting 4 braclets out of the toy box. LOL!!! Then it was Natali's turn. She thought she was the coolest person because she got to sit in the big kid chair all by her self. They let the chair go up and down, which she thought was like the rocket ride at Chucky Cheese and didn't want to get off it at all. She also let the Dr. check out her teeth and he started to clean them, and in true Natali fashion, she started licking the toothpaste right off the brush and off his gloves. :) Oh Nat!

I came home so proud of my children for being such big kids at the Dentist. Lets just hope it stays this way.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Valentines Sweeties

Happy Late Valentines!

Guess who is 3?

In January Traci Lue turned 3!!! She has waited all year for her birthday! And I am not kidding. This girl every time we would go to friends or cousins birthday party she would start to cry and want nothing to do with the party because it wasn't "her" party! I thought her birthday would never get here for her sakes. LOL She was so cute about her birthday this year. She has grow so
much in the past year I just couldn't believe it. Our family sure would be the same with out our beautiful Traci Lue. I am working on her 3year book right now and thought it would be fun to post a little flash back of some Traci Lue.

About the funniest thing happened when I took her to her well child check up. Traci is my little "girly girl" and everyday her dad calls her his princess too. She now has 2 princess outfits complete with dress, shoes and crowns! (She also reminds me she is missing a few princess outfits she REALLY REALLY WANTS!) Anyway, at her appoint
Traci was asked a few questions by her doctor. Her doctor as her if she new her name, how old she was and if she was a boy or a girl. This was Traci's response to that, "I am a girl. I am 3 years old. and My name is Traci Lue Glascock and I am a Princess.
" Oh Traci!!

I love you my little mini me! I can't wait to see what this year has in store for you.