Sunday, May 27, 2012

Needing a Change

So for the longest time in the back of my head I have thought about cutting my hair again! I know it really hasn't been a while since the last time I cut it, but I needed something to pull me out of this funk I have been in lately I thought maybe a new hair do would do it. So I just waited....
I kept looking at hairstyles but the thought just kept coming into my head was there was no way you could pull this off. You see there is still this part of me that when I look in the mirror I still don't see the "smaller" me. I see what I have always been and doing something really drastic to my hair was really scary for me. See in the past whenever I decide to really chop off my hair, I always do it, then that first look in the mirror when it is done, I cry! Every time!! LOL
So for mother's day I told my husband that I wanted to get my hair cut. He was so sweet and said I could, but then followed with..."Please tell me know the day you go so I know when to come home with flowers so help ease the pain of the hair cut!" About a week ago I did it! I took the picture of the hair style I feel in love with to my cousin....asked her first if she thought I could pull it off. And after her convincing me that of course I could, she started chopping. Here is my before look....


I LOVE MY HAIR! I have never ever gone this short, but I am so glad I did and am loving it every day. This weekend I also experimented wearing it a little differently and I still love it. I am so glad I did it and yes, I do think it is helping pull me out of this funk I seemed to have found myself in. :)