Monday, July 25, 2011

Look what Traci did....

We finally cut Traci's hair! For the longest time, she would consider her hair being cut when Papa would trim her bangs. Recently she hated, meaning, cry scream and everything when mommy would need to brush her hair out. Her hair would tangle so easily. So I told her if we cut it, her hair wouldn't hurt when we brushed it. She has been afraid to cut her hair for 1, Papa joked and said she wouldn't be a princess anymore if she did cut it. (Thanks Papa) 2, Her favorite movie is Tangled, and her hair is just like Tangled and she thought if she cut it, it wouldn't grow back. But I finally got her to understand that it will grow back and so she said she wanted a change.
Here is the before...

Making the first Cut (we cut off 8 inches)


Doesn't she look so adorable!!

Proudly showing off her new do!! LOVE you Traci Lue.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

What has been going one with Neilsen?

Finished Preschool and is moving on to Kindergarten in August....
Played T-Ball for the first time and Loved it!! His team was the Coyotes...

Turned 5 in June!


Ok, so I have really neglected my families blog and I am sorry. From my last post, you saw that I have finally started taking my photography business to public. I have been enjoying getting more busniess since doing so. I love being about to us my talent and share it with others.
Because so much has happened with everyone, I am just going to update this by giving each kid their own posting to catch everyone up.

I promise I will be better at keeping this updated. But if I don't and you still want to know why, drop on by my photography blog and check it out what

has been keeping me buys. :)