Sunday, March 27, 2011

Guess who?

So my parents are spending spring break in St. George. And my dad, wanted an updated picture of all the grandkids before he left. I love it! We had to wait for Jami to finally wake up to get the picture taken, then once we thought all the kids were ready and would be good for the picture, we get them all settled into their spots....then we added Jami into the
picture. And can you guess who decided they didn't want their picture taken anymore.....?


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's offical....

OK Blogging world, I have finally finished it and am ready to share it with all of you. One of my goals I made at the beginning of the year was to get out there more with my Photography business. I have been holding back for quite some time. I have just been doing hit and miss with photo jobs and after everyone telling me that I REALLY need to take this to the next level, I said OK! So it took me 2 months longer then I wanted to but its finished and I am ready to start sharing and getting people booked for some pictures. So go on look, tell your friends and everyone you know. I am pretty inexpensive on my pricing, but I really don't think pictures should cost a person an arm and a leg. Here is my link to my photo blog.

Thank You for your support in my new adventure.