Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monster Jam!!

So this weekend, Chris took Neilsen to Monster Jam at the Idaho Center! Neilsen is so into monster trucks right now it is crazy. He currently is the owner of 24 smaller sized monster trucks and added with his bigger ones, the kid has about 28 monster trucks!! (CRAZY I KNOW) But for a 2 1/2 year old, he is crazy about them. One of his favorite and the first one they he learned about was Grave Digger aka "the Black Monster Truck". Well for anyone who paid attention, Grave Digger came with the Monster Jam this weekend, so I couldn't pass up getting my boys tickets to the show. I was also excited because since I got them tickets to the early show on Saturday, I was able to get them pit passes too. This would allow for them to go before the show and look at the monster trucks up close and personal and get a chance at meeting the drives. Dennis Anderson the creator and driver of Grave Digger was going to be there!! Well so I got the tickets and the passes, Neilsen was in Monster Truck HEAVEN!! They show hadn't even started and my kid thought that he was pretty cool! Here are just some pictures from their adventure! Neilsen was so tired by the time the show ended but he was just too excited and didn't want to miss out on any of the monster trucks. Needless to say it is Tuesday, and all 24 small monster trucks are still lined up in front of my entertainment center like the trucks are lined up in the shows, and the holds his own monster truck races in my living room!! What a character!!

(Here is Neilsen standing infront of the Black Monster Truck!)
(Neilsen waiting for an autograph with Dennis Anderson)

Neilsen with Dennis Anderson!

Here is Neilsen watching the show with his monster truck wheel headphones! Trying to keep the noise down alittle.

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Brittaney said...

how fun!! i bet he had a blast!! he's so funny!!