Sunday, June 28, 2009

Crazy week...

So we went to Malad for Father's Day weekend and I swear once we got home, life has just seemed crazy! I will post later the coolest father's day gift I did for Chris. I think its worth showing so I promise I will get it up.

But I just had to put this down, to top our week off, we took the kids to Roaring Springs yesterday to let them blow off some mid afternoon energy. I never thought that I would be walking out of the park so much more greatful for my kids. Neilsen decided he wanted to go down the kiddy slides by himself, mr. Independent, well, Natali was still sleeping in the stroller so I was standing guard watching him walk up and keeping my eye on Chris and Traci waiting for him to go down the slide. I look up to find Neilsen for one second, and the next few seconds became the scariest seconds of my life. I look back to Chris in the water only to see Traci floating face down in the water! I have nevered screamed so loud and with that tone before in my life. Chris turned to his side and instantly saw what I was screaming for. Luckliy for us, he got her and right before she stopped breathing. The poor girl took in to much water, but luckliy she is alright. But what just ticks me off is the life guard just stood there the whole time and just watched! He didn't say anything at all! You can sure bet that I turned his name in!

I am so glad that Traci is alright, and she still, for some reason, went back and played in the water.
What a way to end a crazy week. I sure hope I don't have to feel like that again for a long time!

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Brittaney said...

Oh my goodness Jo! I would have died!!! I'm SOOOO glad you turned in that lifeguard! what a prick!!! And knowing you... i wouldn't have wanted to be the manager that day!!! LOL! but GOOD for you!! Let's take the boys sometime this week!!! And if Traci comes, we'll just tie her to our legs! :-)