Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Traci and the shoes...

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So for anyone who knows me, the last thing I would do is teach my daughter to be a girly girl. Well one of my dads friends from work , gave us a bunch of little girl stuff. Mainly abunch of older little girl clothes but in this batch was a pair of those dress up high hills. Once I saw them I knew Traci would love them, I didn't think she would be able to walk in them quite yet, but I reguardless she would love them. She is in this phase of putting all of our shoes on, for some reason she loves to try and wear her brothers sandals, she falls everytime she puts them on so in my mind I was thinking well she can barely walk in her brothers shoes let alone these little hills! Boy was I WRONG!!!!

The minute she put the shoes on she was just cruzing the living room like she was born to wear them!! As you will be able to see from the pictures, she had to get all dressed up to wear them, and didn't want to wear anything else. It was even bed time and she still couldn't give them up!! Oh and I better not leave out her purse either!



Pi-day Dave said...

You go Girl!!! Very cute. Cheerleading here she comes.

Holly and Ryan Vasso said...

How cute is that?? She is even better than I am in heels! What adorable pictures. I would love to see her walk around in them!