Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Now this is FUNNY!!

So here is one of the funniest things that I have seen in a while...We were courious to see how much Natali had grown before we got the actual numbers from her doctors appointment. So one day I decided I wanted to compare my two girls together. Well this is the result I got..... Natali is the baby and she is 4 months, Traci is 19 months. That is right!!! my infant is almost as tall as my toddler!! We took Natali to the doctors today and her nickname rings true "CHUNKY MONKEY!" Natali weighed in at a whomping 19lbs and 27 inches!!! Boy she is sure eating well!! (all breast milk I promise!!!)


Holly and Ryan Vasso said...

No way! Maya is 19 lbs. and 29 inches, if shes lucky. That is crazy!

Cheree said...

Ok Tayla is almost 3 and is only 25!!! all dressed and possibly sopping wet! just teasing and mylee is 15 months and 16 lbs! I just couldn't get over how their legs looked the same all the way down..chunky and rolly!!! I love it! such cute girls!

Katie said...

So cute!