Sunday, November 21, 2010


Our "not so little" Jami Lyn has arrived! Now I say not so little because well, she topped the charts at weighing in 9lbs 5oz and was22 inches long!! Yes for the record she is my biggest baby!!She is such a joy to have in our home. When Neilsen went to school this last week, his teacher asked him about his new baby sister, he said she was so cute but she sleeps ALOT!! He just makes me smile. Everyday be when he wakes up he has to give his sister a kiss. When he leaves for school he gives her a kiss goodbye, and she is the first thing he searches out when he gets home.
Traci is being my little helper and makes sure that everything is going ok. She loves to help out in every way and is content knowing her sister is just in the room with her.
Now when it comes to Natali she thinks that Jami is all hers! The only thing I can't seem to get her to remember is her sisters name. She calls her Tegan all the time. Which is my nieces name and we just have to correct her that Tegan is at her home and this is Jami. Pretty funny. But it has been hard with Natali because she doesn't understand why mommy can't do the things with her like she used to. The first few days were really hard, when she would cry for me because she wants me to hold her and pick her up and I can't. She is kind of getting used to the idea of mommy not being able to do things but its still hard.
I am so thankful to my Heavenly Father for sending this new sweet angel to our home. She is just a wonderful addition to our family. She is probably one of the most cuddle babies out of all my kids so far. And she is making it easy on me right now because she is a WONDERFUL SLEEPER!!!
She will be 2 weeks tomorrow and I just can't believe it. So here our the pictures I took of her this last week. I hope you enjoy!

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