Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Much Needed up date!!

I seem to have been MIA from my blog. Sorry... things have been pretty busy for this mommy here!! But Let me give you an update about everyone:
Neilsen is enjoying Kindergarten. He is doing really well and LOVES to go to school!! His is also excited for T-ball to start in the Spring.
Traci has started Playschool (which is a little mini preschool that the high school students put on for on their classes! It is awesome and she loves it!) Traci decided that she wants to give T-ball a try with her brother this year and thanks to her Uncle Jon, she has her very own PINK BARBIE bat to have for it!! (Now to find a pink glove)
Natali is getting very anxious for her birthday to be here so she can tell everybody that she is 3 years old! She is very much in to dressing up (which surprises me) and she is a joy to watch everyday!
Then there is Jami! She is just growing up so fast on me. Chris and both look forward to her going into Nursery. ;) Jami has learning many,many new skills, (climbing, ect. ect.) and thanks to her sisters is learning lots of new words daily.

So that pretty much sums it up in a nutshell and catches us up. (these pictures I took on my little mini valentines day shoot I had with the kids)

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