Thursday, April 4, 2013

Has it really been a year....

So here I am sitting thinking i really need to do better on my blog, and went and read a post from one of my friends and saw that the last post I did was last year!!! How I have I let time get by! I would love to say I will do a brief update and show what we have been up to with some pictures but that is the most ironic part. My husband just recently, but not on purpose whipped my computer clean of EVERYTHING! Now when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING! He let me know that I had just over 160 gigabits of PICTURES alone! I lost 2 years worth of pictures! Don't know where they went and there is know way of getting them back. The only way to see things in pictures is going to Facebook and seeing it there. SO For now just a little summary will have to do...
In the past year we have moved in to a house, have a 1st grader almost done with school, one kid in Preschool and 2 at home with mom full time wishing they could be in school! I have kept myself busy with 4 kids that keep me on my toes at all times, have a fun time expanding my photography business and gaining new clients all the time, and teach Zumba everyday of the week! I have made some amazing relationships and meet some great people with Zumba. In February, I was able to attend the Zumba Instructors conference in LA! It was so much fun and I spent 3 days of doing Zumba from the time the sun was up till after the sun went down! ;)
Chris started a new job last summer and is now a correctional officer at the Private Prison and really enjoys his job! It truly makes a difference when your husband actually likes going to work!
It is baseball season in our house now and the girls and i are prepping to be great cheerleaders for Neilsen this season. He is in the Rookie league which is "coach pitch" Can't believe he is grown up so fast.
I want to do better with keeping the blogger world connected with our family so this is my goal, to at least do one weekly post ( if I am feeling like an overachiever then there might be more) baby steps right.
Things are about to get interesting in the Glascock house and I can't wait to share why soon

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