Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend Fun!!

It was a fun Easter weekend with the kiddos. I was way excited that Chris had the weekend off, so I told him we should take the kids to the Easter egg hunt that was at the high school. It would be both their first official Easter egg hunt that we have ever taken them too, but Neilsen has already experienced the hunt for the eggs when we would hid our own. But anyway, we took them over to the high school and Neilsen best friend Landen came and the two boys had a blast waiting for the hunt to start. I didn't know how well Traci would do but she suprised me and picked up about 9 eggs herself. She pretty much stayed in a 3foot radius around her and was just fine grabing the candy and eggs within that radius! LOl Neilsen on the other hand once I told him he could go, he was off! He ended up picking up quite a few eggs and 7 of those eggs had prizes in them. He also picked up the 3rd prize egg and won a little people circus land toy, he thought he was pretty cool. After that, we went over to my parents home, and did their own little easter egg hunt in their back yard. Both the kids enjoyed picking up the eggs, but wanted to eat what was inside the eggs more! I hope you enjoy looking at some of the fun pictures from our adventure. I also got the kids Easter pics done yesterday once I got them all decked out for church. Enjoy looking at those too.