Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Chair!

My wonderful husband today went and bought the rocking chair that I have been asking for since January (our other rocking chair broke and I had found one that I really wanted, but I was a good wife and fixed the old one to make it work.) We had gotten an ad in the mail yesterday and it had the chair I wanted for SALE!!! So this morning he went and bought it and then came home and put it together! He is going to get good use out of it too, so he says it was well needed! LOL!!!!
While we were out, I also finally picked up Traci's freaking cute Easter Dress!!! I had showed her two different dresses in the store, and she grabbed the one that we bought out of my hands and wouldn't give it up!! She knows what she wants.
Anyway, I was really happy when he got the chair, it will make my late nights with Natali much nicer!!

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