Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween

I thought that I should put up some cute pictures of my kiddos from Halloween. Neilsen was so excited to be Bumble Bee this year that he wanted to wear his costume everyday. I took the kids to our Trunk-r-Treat at the church and what was funny, Neilsen was waiting to go walk around and was just enjoying looking at all the different costumes. Well next thing we see was a little boy wearing a Mega Tron costume. When I told him to look at it, Neilsen took this defensive stances, turned and said, "MEGATRON! Where!!" It was too funny! I am sure that if that kid would have walked by us he would of tried to take him down!!

Traci of course enjoyed being dolled up as Dorthy! She also enjoyed the red lipstick I let her wear. And then I had my little Lion with me helping pass out Candy.

All in all Halloween was fun this year. Enjoy the cute photos of them too!


Scott and Stacia said...

Cute costumes!

John and Robyn said...

I love the Dorthy! So cute...and the lion is priceless. My friend had her little 10 month old in a lion too...I think it is way too fun!