Sunday, November 29, 2009

I will miss you Uncle Neil

I have debated on what I wanted to say all weekend about my Uncle Neil, alot of my family members have posted little tid bits here and there on facebook and stuff but I just wanted to take a little minute and just dedicate this post to my Uncle Neil.
Thanksgiving seemed to be going like a pretty normal Thanksgiving at the Lang home. My dad and I worked on our pies the night before, like we always do and fixing up all the awesome food that we would be cooking up in the morning. We put the appetizer foods out on the table around 11am. and the wassel starts warming in the crock pot filling the house with its wonderful aroma. Because my dad had to go to work that night, our Thanksgiving dinner was eaten around 3pm. and we just vegged out the rest of the night. Seemed to be going like any normal night. Up until 9:30pm that is. My mom got a phone call from her sister that lives in Utah saying that my Uncle had passed out in his hotel room and they could revive him. They were taking him to the hospital in Sandy and she would call back with and date. My uncle was in Salt Lake at the time on business with 2 of his kids. Within 15 minutes of the phone call, the next one came letting us know that he was gone. You never can prepare yourself for those kinds of moments in life. It really makes you look back at your own life and just be thankful for the moments you have.
My uncle ended up having a massive heart attack and left this earth at the age of 45. He leaves behind a wife and 6 kids and 7 grand kids. It was only a few weeks ago that we had gotten together to bless two of the grand kids.
My uncle was a awesome man and so full of love for everyone and anyone that he came into contact with. I will miss seeing is big beaming smile when he walks in a room. Thank you Uncle Neil for all the wonderful memories and for being an example in my life. I know that we will be together again. I love you. and We will miss you.

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Holly Vasso said...

Im so sorry! that is really sad. isn't it great to have the knowledge of families forever. i know it means a lot to me! im thinking of you.