Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pictures with Santa

This year at our Ward's Christmas Party, I was asked to take the pictures of each kid with Santa! I loved it!! Watching the kids get excited and even the few who didn't want to sit on Santa's lap was fun. I loved watching my kids get closer to the line and my little Natali when she got right up to the stage looked over and saw Santa for the first time started to jump up and down saying "I SEE SANTA! I SEE SANTA!!" This year, I had ZERO criers!! That's right, nobody cried when they sat on Santa's lap. (Last year Traci wouldn't even get close to touching him.) So here are the pictures from our Christmas party.


valerie said...

aw that is adorable! I wish I could have made it.....I had one puker and one who just had her tonsils out :(
and my children would not have looked that cute at 8 am....they would have been in pjs...haha

Scott and Stacia said...

The pictures with Santa turned out great!!