Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mommy is one Happy Camper!!

You see this cute little girl standing on that bathroom sink? All decked out in her princess pretties from her Aunt Neil & Uncle Travis for Christmas. Well let me tell you, she has just made me the happiest mom ever!!!!! Over Christmas Holiday we spent it in the Malad with my in-laws. And the whole time I was there, I was watching my little Traci Lue very closely and I new that once we got home and settled back down, we were going to attempt the big "P" word, Potty Training!!!!
Now for any one who knows me knows, that I had a heck of a time potty training my son Neilsen. I spent lots of days just crying and frustrated that I was doing something wrong with him, or that I started to soon with him because he just seemed to have taken quite a long time to finally get it down. It was quite the celebration once he finally got the hang of it all, that I looked at my mom and said, "Traci better do better then this or I so not doing it!" LOL.
I wasn't even planning trying to potty train Traci this early but hey, when she comes to me and is wanting to do it, by all means I say give it a shot. I mean, who wouldn't want to be down to only one kid in diapers right!
SO last week we started the Potty Training. The first day was a little rusty but by day two, I had a feeling that I just might have trained by her 2 birthday. (Which is next Thursday).
I am very proud and freaking excited to report that with just 6 days of starting her potty training, we have head OVERALL 3 huge accidents and 2 baby accidents (non of them were the poppy!) That is right my not even 2 year old has pretty much potty trained herself! THANK GOODNESS!!!!!!! We are going on day 3 of accident free!
I am so proud of her, and I am still amazed to believe that she is doing so well. So to any mothers who have had a rough time with potty training, trust me.........it does get better! :)


Holly and Ryan Vasso said...

wow, that is soooo awesome! i am so proud of your little girl. Maybe maya will follow in her footsteps and do it quickly as well. Potty training in general makes me nervous!

Scott and Stacia said...


Pi-day Dave said...

Boys take longer than girls. At least that is what I've heard. I can't speak from experience because I we had were boys.