Wednesday, March 7, 2012


So want to know what I have been up to.....ZUMBA!!! I love Zumba! I love teaching it, doing it, I just love it!!! And I am super excited that next month I get to go to Twin Falls for the day and get Certified!! Not only that but my insturctor is going to be none other then Kass Martin! (She came and did one in Boise just a little bit a go and I couldn't do that one, but I did go to her Jam Class later that night and WOW!!) If you don't know w
ho she is, well let me tell you, she is one of "THE" zumba celebrity instructors that travels around the world teaching zumba. She was just recently on Live with Kelly too. ;)
I am so excited to get certified. Zumba has helped me through so much this past year and has helped me reach my weight loss goals I never thought I could reach.
This is Katie and I after our freaking awesome Jam with Kass Martin!!!


Katie said...

you look totally amazing...and happy jolyn. so glad you were able to reach your goal.

Gaspegirl said...

Congratulations, that is BIG news! You have a beautiful family!